When You Touch It Right

Six months ago when my daughter suggested that I start a blog, I was so skeptical. “Me? A blog? I don’t know anything about blogs! I don’t know if I’ll be able to post an article every day.”

“I’m sure you would know what to blog about. The least you could do is put excerpts from your book, and find out if you have readers,” said my daughter. “Write about what you like most, write about what excites you the most, write about writing, writers, reading, books! You have so much to write about.”

“But I don’t think people would want to read my blog posts.”

“What’s the point of writing if no one will read your work mom? Think about it. Every writer should have readers.”

That hit home. Here I was writing and waiting for the right moment to submit my work to the right publisher. But when is the right moment?

I agreed on condition that we try it first, and that none of my friends or acquaintances know about it until I am pleased with the results and have enough viewers. Until I am sure that I can continue. So that’s how I started to blog. It became my New Year’s resolution and after three months I posted it on my facebook pages to share it with my fans and friends.

While at first I thought I would take ideas and excerpts directly from my books, once I got started my writing took a different direction.

“I’ve read a lot about the creative process. It’s a mysterious phenomenon. I don’t know what makes it work or what makes it malfunction as often as it works. But I submit to you that there is something utterly mysterious about the unconscious. I am throwing this out as a commentary on the creative process and the dynamics and the strange energies which propel us all who want to be writers to write. And I submit in addition to this that it is this kind of mystery, rather than any hard definition of what writing is, that makes writing such an enormously fascinating and challenging, and in the end, I hope, triumphant human occupation.” William Styron

I try to include something personal in my blogs. Because reading for me is an emotional experience hence as a writer I try in one way or another to touch the right nerve, to stir the right emotions in my readers.

“When you touch it right everybody gets it.” Tom McGuane

“What all of us must do is get an idea that excites us and then write the hell out of it. Write it as well as you know how. And if you hit a nerve, and it’s true, then you have a chance.” Sidney Sheldon

I believe I have done that with some of my articles.

“If when I write a story, I’m able to capture one small thing about the human condition and lay it on you or in a way to make you say, “Wow, I never noticed that before.” Harlan Ellison

I would like to get more feedback though from my readers. Good or bad. As long as you write to me telling me how you feel or what you think of my stories , I’ll be happy.

“There are always people who will put you down. The main thing is you’re doing what you want to do, which is writing. Work hard. Enjoy yourself. And don’t look over your shoulder at what the other guy is doing.” Danielle Steel


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3 Responses to When You Touch It Right

  1. Verkin says:

    It is a pleasure to read your blog.

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