Between Saturday and Monday

My son came to my room this morning and said, “I can’t believe school starts so soon!”
“When exactly does it start?” I asked.
“The day after tomorrow. You know, there’s not much time left,” he said. “Well, there are actually only two days until it starts.”

I looked at him. “If you think of it that way, yes, it’s only two days away,” I said. And I thought of last weekend, between Saturday and Monday.

On Saturday, August 28, Canadians sadly said goodbye to the honorary Jack Layton for the last time. Then came Hurricane Irene, creating havoc throughout the East Coast of the United States. Millions of people were left without power, roads were flooded, highways twisted into pieces by hammering waves and floodwaters. Twenty four deaths in nine states, and residents stranded due to dangerous flooding. In Quebec, Canada, heavy rain and howling winds downed trees, caused the power to be cut from hundreds of thousands of homes, and also swamped neighborhoods, where hundreds of people were forced to evacuate. And this is only here in this part of the world. Then there was the typhoon in Japan, fresh bombings in Afghanistan and Iraq, fighting in Libya, unrest in Syria, and the continuing famine in Somalia, to name a few of the events that were happening during that time frame.

Of course the day after tomorrow is only two days away but as Ernest Hemingway wrote:

“There is a lot of time between now and day after tomorrow if you want to put it that way.”


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