I Am Scared To Think

For the past week I have been posting about writing, sharing my thoughts and recollections with you, sometimes even complaining about publishers, agents and marketing. In doing so, I realized I am spending more time talking about writing than actually writing. It is always easier to talk about writing than actually write. For some reason or another I have been stalling. I am scared to think that I will end up to be a writer who only talks about the stories and novels I am going to write. I think it’s about time to get serious and force myself to sit at my desk and hit the keyboard. But before I do that I would like to share with you a section from Irving Stone’s speech given at a writer’s conference.

“What is a writer?
A writer is a seer, a prophet, creating wisdom where none existed before. A writer is a warrior fighting to possess human minds and a composer to capture the music of life for a tone-deaf world. The writer is a poet, trying to compress the complexity and confusion of a spent life into exit lines that scan and perhaps rhyme. A writer is a philosopher, attempting to extract the meaning of life from the passing hurricane. And the writer is an interpreter, reducing to simple language the ultimate designs of God, the devil, and fate. The writer is a mirror in which all humankind can see themselves reflected all too clearly. A writer is a sieve, allowing all thoughts and ideas to pour through him or her. And finally the writer is a dinosaur, extinct for thousands of years yet believing because he has a shinbone and a piece of jaw he is still a monumental creature.”

Happy Writing Everyone!


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2 Responses to I Am Scared To Think

  1. J.A.G. says:

    I wanted to let you know I have nominated your blog for Versatile Blogger, Please visit here: http://ayearwithhorses.wordpress.com/2012/01/12/touched/ to read why I chose you and to get the directions on what to do next.

    I hope this year is wonderfully blessed.
    – J.A.G.

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