What’s In A Dream

Years ago when I was still in school I started drinking coffee for only one reason. To have someone read my cup. My mom and her group of friends and neighbors used to gather once a week on a certain day for coffee and cakes. When it was my mom’s turn to host the event I used to love hanging around them. I would ask my mom if I could make the coffee and of course she wouldn’t say no.

If you have tried drinking Arabic coffee, it is served in smaller cups. The coffee is boiled for quite some time in a coffeepot over the stove and then poured into small cups with saucers. I would always make some extra for me and drink it with the ladies. Among them were two women who read cups. I was too shy to ask them myself but my mom would. I don’t know what was it about the reading that made it so special at the time. Unfortunately it didn’t last long and it all ended when I left to Dubai to work and live.

In Dubai I had the pleasure of discovering yet a different kind of vice, dreams. It was there that I noticed my dreams. There was no internet then so I bought books and read and tried to interpret my dreams. Of course that also faded when I had my children and was too busy working, taking care of them and running the house, and I became sleep deprived for so long. Until a few years ago when I was in Lebanon visiting my parents in 2010. I saw a dream and I knew somehow trouble waited for me yet again. A dream that I had seen years earlier, on the night before the war started in 2006. This one dream. In the words of Maya Angelou:

“There is a dream which I delight in and long for when I’m writing. It means to me that the work is going well. Or will go well. Or that I’m telling the truth and telling it well. I began, I guess, 20 years ago to notice that when my dream came, it always meant that the work was going well. Whenever I get that dream, I always know the work is going to be all right for about two or three weeks. So that delights my heart.
There’s another dream which also has to do with work. I don’t seem to have any just plain delight dreams or dreams about love or anything personal. I seem to only dream when I’m working. Or that’s all I remember. But the other dream is also a good dream. That is, when I wake from it , I feel that things are all right.
And then there are terrifying dreams when the work is really going badly. I don’t even talk about them. It gives them too much power.
I’m happy to say that generally, the dreams which I remember have to do with the good luck of working well. More than luck, whatever it is, the “that” of working well. Would I have a good dream when the work is going badly? No. No such thing. It just seems they tell the truth.”

Do you believe in dreams? Do you have them? Because I do and I am not the only one.

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us. And the world will live as one.” John Lennon


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One Response to What’s In A Dream

  1. I don’t know about you, but my dreams are usually the source of my story ideas. They also tell me when I’m stressed about something. Those are the dreams where I’m in a strange school and can’t find the class I’m supposed to be working in, or my locker won’t open or I have a test I’m unprepared for. Sometimes, I’m just trying to run away from the ‘bad guys’. Sometimes, though, the ‘bad guys’ dream has a pretty good plot, so I’ll get up and jot down ideas. Dreams are important to the original cultures of this country, too. Bad dreams can get caught in dream catchers. Good dreams are the spirits trying to help you. Dreams are important in sorting out our troubles, steering us in the right direction, and helping us discover the pleasures in life, if we only take the time to listen to what they have to say. 🙂

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