Ten Commandments For Writers

We are all familiar with the phrase ‘writing is an art as well as a craft’. And that writing requires not only emotional involvement on your part as a writer, but a deep commitment about matters, about things that concern you, about subjects which really interest you, about stories and characters that appeal to you and you alone. Where you get the idea for your novel or story, whether it is from a newspaper article, or a scene or situation that you witnessed or the strong emotions you felt at the time, or sometimes even from reading another author’s novel, it is how you develop your story line from within yourself as a novelist that makes your story your own, and distinguishes you as a writer.

However, there are no set rules that teach you to become a great writer. You can read and analyze the works of the great writers of all time or the works of writers that inspire you the most, to find out how the masters are doing it and follow in their footsteps. You can even take Lee Wyndham’s advice and follow the:

Ten Commandments for Writers

1) Love thy subject.
2) Love thy reader.
3) Thou shalt not begin without prior meditation.
4) Thou shalt know thy characters as well as thou knowest yourself.
5) Thou shalt not begin until thou knowest wither thou goest, and have a well-thought-out plan for the journey.
6) Thou shalt stop when thy story is finished.
7) Thou shalt not worship thy words as images graven in precious marble.
8) Thou shalt make a clean, dark-ribbon copy of thy work.
9) Thou shalt study the markets diligently, and only then send the manuscript into the world.
10) Thou shalt not brood upon its fate, but set about the workings of thy next project, with good will and a high heart.


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2 Responses to Ten Commandments For Writers

  1. #5 is one I cannot subscribe to as I free write all the time! But the others are pretty good.
    Thanks I needed some light relief as I plunge into NaNo.

  2. I agree with Mandy. I’m definitely a ‘pantser’, too! Anytime I’ve tried to force a story to go a certain way, I always end up stalling or losing interest. The other points are good, though. 🙂

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