It Is Easy To Talk

It’s the 12th anniversary of 9/11 and I would like once again to express my deep sorrow for all the lives lost and my sympathy to all those people who lost their loved ones. Twelve years have passed since the tragic event and a quick look at what’s happening around the world is even more heartbreaking. I cannot help but also feel that after all this time nothing much has changed. With all the terrorism, the unjust killings and the bombings of innocent people for various reasons, I still think that:

“Humanism does not consist in saying: ‘No animal could have done what I have done,’ but in declaring: ‘We have refused what the beast within us willed to do, and we seek to reclaim man wherever we find that which crushes him.’” André Malraux

It’s easy to talk, to wish, to hope than to actually do something, anything to prevent our world from turning into this ugly place where people despise and hate each other for some stupid reason or sometimes for no reason at all. And right now in some parts of the globe, the world is nothing but hell to all those innocent people living there.

“The attempt to force human beings to despise themselves … is what I call hell.” André Malraux 

Lately I am having a hard time coping with whatever is going on in my life. Every morning when I wake up and watch the sun rise and look around me I realize how serene and beautiful everything around me is. And every morning I promise myself that I am going to let go of my sorrow and actually find or plan ways to give my life meaning in an otherwise meaningless world.


I should feel lucky because the whole time we, my late husband and I, were living in that troubled part of the world we dreamt that one day we would be able to give our kids the kind of life they deserved in a place far away from trouble. We did that. We gave our kids what we didn’t have, a normal life in a normal and peaceful country. Because there’s nothing worse than losing hope. There’s nothing worse than when one day:

“One day when your alarm clock rang, you got up and realized you had someone else’s thoughts in your head… or maybe just your old ones, minus the hope.” Jodi Picoult


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