It Is So Disturbing

Things are not looking good again in Lebanon. Car bombs exploding every other day killing innocent people, the revolt in neighboring Syria and the political turmoil that is sweeping the Arab world. Recently I have stopped reading newspaper articles about the Middle East. I read only the articles that my friends post on their Facebook pages re what’s going on in the country and follow their comments.

I am not an extremist and I am not fond of fanaticism in any religious, social or political belief. I do not believe in wars. I truly believe that problems can be solved using other peaceful methods such as dialogue, and communication. I do believe that change is necessary but not at the cost of human lives. I believe that human beings must have the right to a free and dignified existence regardless of their religious or political beliefs, regardless of nationality. It is so disturbing to see people in some parts of the world like the Middle East and Africa go through the same thing over and over again.

I know, you’re thinking perhaps that it’s easy for me to say in the comfort of my sitting room especially when I am far from trouble. Well it hasn’t been that long that I am here. I have lived all my life in the Middle East. My extended family, my relatives and my friends are still there and I constantly worry about their safety.

Perhaps I would still be with them if it weren’t for the civil war. When after spending sleepless nights in the basement turned shelter trying to hide from the bombs that fell our way, we found ourselves without a job, without a home that’s when we decided to leave. To quote Nayla, in The Lost I:

“It is as if not only your dreams and hopes are all taken away from you but also your memories; your past is wiped out in just a few minutes and you are deprived of everything except the need to stay alive and nothing else.”

Take a look!


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5 Responses to It Is So Disturbing

  1. Daniel says:

    Thank you for speaking out on this subject.

    • chichikir says:

      Thank you. But what good does it do? 😦

      • Daniel says:

        The world got in this condition during the watch of my generation of men. We collectively have the means to apply ourselves to problems of this magnitude by joining forces. Instead, we choose to hit the golf course. Perhaps posts like your can stir some measure of conscience. It sure doesn’t hurt to try.

  2. I would worry too if my friends and family lived there. I cannot imagine what it must be like for them and I hope your loved ones stay safe.

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