To Be A Writer

Blogging, and the world of bloggers, has become such an essential part of me now that if I were to leave it or if it were taken from me I wouldn’t know how to go on. WordPress is my world now, that’s where I feel I truly belong, along with the rest of my fellow bloggers. In the words of Simone de Beauvoir:

“We belonged to no place or country, no class, profession, or generation. Our truth lay elsewhere. It was inscribed upon the face of eternity, and the future would reveal it: we were writers. Any other verdict was the merest false illusion.”


It is the place where I don’t fill in forms asking about my country of origin or about my citizenship. A place where previous experience is not needed nor any references to start with. I can start at any time, any day, at any age as long as I have something to say, as long as I keep writing. It is that place where I feel completely sheltered from the outside world.

Simone de Beauvoir wrote:

“Literature is born when something in life goes slightly adrift.”

The truth of the matter is when I have so much on my mind, when I have so many things to worry about, the world of WordPress seems more real to me than my real world. It is the only world where despite my hopeless position and the setbacks I face, I still remain convinced that one day I will write books that someone will publish. To quote Simone de Beauvoir once more:

“To be a writer, to create- this was an adventure scarcely to be embarked upon without a conviction of absolute self-mastery, absolute control over ends and means.”


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