We Really Have Failed!

A month ago while the whole world was watching the world cup, atrocities were being committed against humans and against humanity in some parts of the world to such an extent that it was impossible for me as a blogger to just watch and not do anything. I had to write about how miserably ‘We Have Failed’ to get my frustration out.

Exactly one month later, these killings and atrocities have not only continued but rather spread to include new grounds and territories. The loss of innocent lives in Gaza, the shooting down of a Malaysian airline over the Russian and Ukrainian border, killing all the passengers among whom were 100 scientists on their way to an Aids conference in Australia…

Unbelievable! Yes! Have we as humans sunk so low as to do such a thing? The reason those scientists were on that plane was because they were going to do something good. Can anything bad come out of scientists meeting to help Aids victims? Why that plane?

As a person who has first hand experience with civil war, I worry when politicians come together to solve a crisis. Because then I know that no matter what decision they take, someone has to pay, someone has to suffer. But scientists? What’s wrong with us? Once again, I say:

In a century so advanced both technologically and scientifically, we have failed as humans. We have failed because we are allowing innocent people to be tortured and killed in the hands of militias and gunmen in the name of religion. We have failed because we are watching women and young girls being gang raped in Tahrir Square in Egypt, on buses and in fields in India. We have failed because we are allowing these same terrorists to kidnap teenage girls, students, and sell them in the name of Allah or God! We have failed because innocent children and women and men are being slaughtered in the name of democracy in Syria and in Iraq.

And now Gaza? Where innocent children are being blown up by bombs while playing on the beach or in their own backyards. And the plane? But to whose benefit? What’s next? Or rather, who’s next?

We constantly worry about the economy and about the environment while these atrocities against innocent civilians continue around the world. Perhaps I am mistaken to think that we just sit empty handed and try to find someone to blame or wait for someone to take responsibility.

But what good is the environment, the economy, science or technology anymore. I get shivers when I think of the kind of example we are setting for our children and grandchildren. If we the people can’t stop all this then maybe we should seek refuge on a new planet and leave all this madness behind.



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3 Responses to We Really Have Failed!

  1. Raphael says:

    We have failed indeed. The failure fullfills the call to concsience that our souls require to be nourished just as much as our physical bodies do. The masters of this world control our bodies but are restlessly not in control of the souls.

  2. Engineer's Digest says:

    You are absolutely right. It feels so weird that we invented gravity by seeing a falling apple, but we have failed to realize humanity even seeing so many exploding bombs.

  3. Daniel says:

    Well said. There is a tremendous amount of passivity these days. The people who do wrong can get away with anything as we stand by and watch.

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