Nothing Lasts Forever!

Nothing lasts forever!


I don’t know why it is but lately all the interesting people I meet are in clinics or in the waiting rooms of hospitals. Maybe because those are the only places I visit these days? Or maybe there is something in those rooms that makes people vulnerable enough to start a conversation with total strangers.

Let’s face it, if you walk into a coffee shop and order your coffee and sit alone at a table, chances are you won’t start any kind of small talk with the person sitting at a different table beside you, no matter what. Even when you are placing your order,  chances are you won’t start any kind of small talk with the person at the register because you feel that the person behind you is grumbling with impatience and you just want to hurry with your order. 

Yesterday morning I was in the hospital waiting room reading my book when the person next to me said, “Maxim Gorky is a great writer.” I turned around and this person introduced herself and when I in turn repeated my name she said, “You Armenian people have had your share of pain as Christians, haven’t you now?”

I was kind of surprised because I had never looked at our troubles that way. And I remembered an image I had seen on the internet early that morning, of a few women and children, girls, slaughtered in the bathroom of a house in Mosul. The caption read, “Killed by ISIS or IS, in their hiding place, for being Christians.” 

Has anything really changed since the Armenian Genocide of about 100 years ago? All kinds of atrocities still continue in whatever name they choose to carry them out. If you are caught in their war, and if by some miracle you are spared, then you have all that pain and burden to carry in your heart. It won’t always feel that bad. From time to time your heart might even be warmed by a dim ray of hope. The hope of some kind of change. But then your conscience will kick in and you will ask yourself, “Will something really happen to change all this?”

“As always at such moments the dim hope, the expectation glowed in him of something different, unlike what he saw around him. Sometimes the all-embracing words glimmered in his memory, “It won’t last forever.”” Maxim Gorky


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4 Responses to Nothing Lasts Forever!

  1. Setrak Topalian says:

    Yesterday, I heard that ten days ago in one of the villages in south of Lebanon a christian was crucified on the roof of a house, who died because of hunger and the cold weather at night. What else are we going to hear or see in this civilized world of ours?

    • Setrak Topalian says:

      Correction on the above information. I am sorry to say that it wasn’t ten days abo. I have check on this information and found out that it was in the year 1982 or 1983. Sorry for the error on the date.

      • chichikir says:

        It’s so sad to realize that nothing has changed since then. On the contrary, there’s more fanaticism now than decades ago and the atrocities these extremists commit is beyond comprehension 😦

  2. susanrouchard says:

    my heart goes out to the Palestineans being slaughtered today. The Israelits have no justification for what they have been carrying out for over 60 years. is their target 6 million Palestinians ? or to wipe out the lot ? The States and Europe must intervene.

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