Remember To Have Fun!

So many times I have read and heard motivational speakers or spiritual gurus say, “You can control your mind better than you may believe.”

Not all the time. And definitely not for me. My biggest problem is that I can’t shut my mind off especially when I am worried about something. There’s too much going on in there right now and I can’t even concentrate on anything I seem to be doing. I am just so restless I don’t even know how to stop fretting and stay calm and write.

I know the creative path is difficult, full of anxiety and failure. If you’re a writer or an artist who works alone without validation from the world, it’s hard not to keep from living in the future. It’s hard to live in the present and not despair. But creative path can also be filled with challenge, achievement, elation and why not even triumph. Although there is no right or wrong way to be creative here are some steps to start with.

Step 1: Start with an Idea.

Step 2: Draw out a Plan- theme, characters, plot.

Step 3: Read and Research (if necessary).

Step 4: Start Writing (actual writing process).

Step 5: Keep on Writing until you Finish the first draft.

Step 6: Put it Aside for a While and do Something Else.

Step 7: Get Back to your Draft and Start Cutting and Editing.

Step 8: Query Agents and Publishers.

Step 9: Don’t wait, Start a New Project.

And last but not least remember to have fun!


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