Isn’t It Illegal?

“Most writing contracts, especially for books, motion pictures and TV, are booby-trapped. If you don’t know the traps when you read them, hire someone who does- not just any lawyer, but a lawyer specialized in literary contracts.” James Joseph

Have you published with Raider Publishing International? Are you tired of your books being sold while you receive no royalties? 

Well I am. The paperback edition of my book The Lost I, published by Raider Publishing International in March 2009, is still being sold on Amazon and by other booksellers even though my contract with Raider ended in 2011.
Isn’t this illegal? To have the book in print, even though holding no rights to it? When Raider Publishing International (A Publisher Founded By Writers For Writers) offered to publish my book I was so excited at first. But as the date of publication approached and I was still waiting to be assigned an editor, I started to have this odd feeling that maybe I should cancel.

Something told me that this was not good. That little voice in my head was telling me that this was wrong and that this particular contract is bad news. But in my head I also thought, what if I was wrong? What if they were honest? Then I would lose my chance of being published. 

I silenced that little, contrary, voice in my head, that feeling that something was wrong or the person I was working with was unethical in some way and went along with the contract.


The thing that I regret most about the whole deal is that by signing that contract I got myself stuck in a terrible situation and closed the door on myself and my  chances of getting published elsewhere. 

If only I trusted my instinct. How do I get out of that situation? Honestly, I don’t even know where to start!


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