The Laziest Man

The late Naguib Mahfouz once gave the following advice:

“You must beware of advice. You must find yourself by yourself, in the context of your times. Be a serious and good lover of your work. Please love your work more than the result of it. You know, the results can be very attractive- money, fame. You will love this, and why not? But love the work more.” 

Yesterday the sound of music coming from our neighbors was so loud that after trying to stay positive and enduring it for four hours I gave in.

Lately trying to stay focused and hopeful has been a real struggle for me. I try, God knows I try. I have even become a fan of Sonia Choquette on Facebook and often read her writings about spirituality and finding your soul and listening to your heart. 

One of the many interesting points she makes is that happiness, true happiness, lies in the process of creating, and it is okay to find the time of day to just sit and listen to yourself breathe. Then slowly become aware of yourself and your dreams.

to be

I find this easy to do since I tend to daydream a lot. On most days I find myself indulging in a mad fantasy of the future. I let my imagination take me to places I can’t really go just to get out of the passive state I am in. But hey in an anecdote submitted to the Boston Herald in 1966 Arthur Harney writes:

“It was just about 50 years ago that the wife and I took the Boston & Maine train from North Station in Boston for Littleton, New Hampshire.
Grandfather met us. …Two miles from [his] farm, we passed the old Joe Herbert farmhouse. A strange man was sitting on the front porch. I didn’t recognize him and asked who he was.
“That man,” said my grandfather, “is the laziest man that ever hit town. … He never works, and every time I drive by, there he is just sitting. He and his whole family will be living on the town before the winter is over.”
Well, before the winter was over that man on the porch made every newspaper in the country. His name was Robert Frost.”


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