So Sorry

The other day a fellow blogger nowandzenn had left the following message for my article In Loving Memory: “I am where you were. Thank you for sharing.”

I read his message with a lump in my throat and I couldn’t even write back to him to say sorry for your loss. That same day I got yet another message from susanrouchard for that particular article.

It’s hard to lose someone you love and within a year I lost my father, my friend, and my husband. At first I didn’t know what to do or how to behave or continue. All I cared about was to be strong for my kids, since that’s what he had told me to do. As the days went by and reality sunk in, the pain became stronger, yet somehow I managed to get up every morning.

to be

I spoke with a lot of professionals at the time, people who helped me understand my sorrow and focus on my purpose in life. But the one person who helped me with my block and got me to start writing again and love it more than before is Julia Cameron. I don’t know what it is to be exact but something about her writings makes me feel good about myself.

I haven’t met Julia in person but she has this poem called Words For It that I love to read whenever I am upset or feeling down, that I would like to share with you.

Words For It

I wish I could take language
And fold it like cool, moist rags.
I would lay words on your forehead.
I would wrap words on your wrists.
“There, there,” my words would say-
Or something better.
I would ask them to murmur,
“Hush” and “Shh, shhh, it’s all right.”
I would ask them to hold you all night.
I wish I could take language
And daub and soothe and cool
Where fever blisters and burns,
Where fever turns yourself against you.
I wish I could take language
And heal the words that were the wounds
You have no names for.


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One Response to So Sorry

  1. susanrouchard says:

    Thank you Choghig, such a beautiful poem. If you ever have some time to spare I would love for you to become a member of my blog and comment on my poems. It would be heart-lifting to have you as a regular reader. Please connect:

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