Just Keep Creating!

In the wake of what happened in Paris, I would like to add my voice to the millions of others and offer my condolences to the families of the artists killed and their loved ones. My late husband was a graphic artist too and he started his career at Monday Morning newspaper in Beirut while he was still a student at AUB. By then the civil war had started in Lebanon. Gunmen were on the streets and terror lurked in every corner of the city.
On some days they would get bomb threats just for being a foreign press but nothing could stop them. They continued to report, to write, to draw, to create. I guess if you are an artist or a writer nothing can stop you from creating. 

Jim Murray writes:  

“If you are meant to be a writer, you will be. No one can stop a writer from writing. Not even Hitler could do that. Good luck.”


As writers and artists we are so passionate about our art. Even though for some of us it is necessary to earn a living by doing something else, without our art we are nothing but sorrowful and miserable human beings. We hold on to our dreams, we envy others and look up to some with awe and admiration. But most importantly we take pleasure in what we do. To quote Thomas B. Sawyer:

“More important than success is taking pleasure from your writing.” 

And because we learn so much about writing through reading others’ work and following in their footsteps and taking their advice to heart, here are some quotes from my special notebook that I keep on the bookshelf next to my writing desk.

“There is no other way. You will learn what you can write, and what you can’t. You will become familiar with the way words go together.” Michael Bedard

“You will find familiar characters and places popping up all over. I suspect this will continue to happen in future books, because each book I finish seems to leave threads with me that I want to pick up again when I start a new story.” Sharon Creech

“I’ve spent the past five hours working on my new novel, writing all these words, most of which will have to be thrown out because they aren’t necessary or good enough. But the remaining 10 percent that I keep will be pretty good, and then I’ll have to polish them and try to make them better. And so it goes.” Randy Powell

“Writer’s block and rejection are simply things that a writer has to learn to live with. They are part of the package. You can judge a real writer not by how well they ride the good times, but how well they handle the bad.” Michael Bedard

“Write with passion! Write with love!” Ray Bradbury

Keep writing and creating! Maybe that’s the magic formula after all. Just keep on creating!


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