Ideas Anyone?

“Don’t sign on the dotted line just because a publisher has offered you a contract. First, put it to this five-step test to make sure you’re signing a smart contract.” Timothy Perrin (An Offer You Can Refuse- Writer’s Digest March 1999)

I’ve had this issue of the magazine since the day it was released. I have not only read it but sort of studied it too, underlining and highlighting the main points in it. But did I refer to it when I signed a contract with Raider? No.
When I was about to immigrate to Canada in 2006, my husband suggested we buy back the rights for my book “The Lost I”, from my publisher. Publishing rules are different in the UAE, at least they were when I wanted to publish in 2004. Not only does the manuscript have to be approved by the ministry of education and sent straight to the publisher, but also the ISBN is issued by them, hence giving my publisher the rights to sell the book only in the United Arab Emirates. 

So we shipped all the remaining boxes together with our belongings to Canada hoping that I will somehow find a publisher and be able to sell the book in this part of the world. And find a publisher I did. Raider International Publishing published my book in March 2009. A mistake I regret to this day.

Not only did I not get what was promised me in the contract, publicity, sales, money and so on, but to this day I am kept in a loop. It’s been more than three years that my contract has ended with them and the book, the paperback edition, is still on sale on Amazon. I realize now that the internet is full of complaints and lawsuits against Raider. 


My problem is I don’t know what to do. Because at the moment I have no product or book. And I can’t approach any other publisher without resolving this problem. 

How do I get out of this terrible situation? What do I do? Do you have any similar experiences you want to share? Please, I appreciate your help!


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