Mistakes! Mistakes!

I feel like I am in a kind of stupor lately. I have so many ideas and so many things to do that I don’t know where to start or how to begin. Julia Cameron says having too many ideas will keep you blocked creatively. She goes on to say that you as an artist and writer and creator have to start with one simple idea at a time. She also says that reading is like an addiction to writers. 

Don’t we all know that! But then how many of us do not repeat the same mistake over and over again? I personally have a problem when it comes to learning from my mistakes. I say this with such regret and heartache. Sometimes I get so excited about articles and ideas and stories I read on the internet but when I tell my daughter about my plans I only hear her say: “Mom you’ve been there. You did that already. Don’t you remember?” 

Here are some quotes on career killing mistakes offered by editors and publishers that I have jotted down over the years and which are worth taking note of:

“I find that most authors don’t spend enough time on their cover letters. I get so many cover letters with grammatical errors and misspellings.” 


“Publishers and agents notice manuscript format first. Incorrect margins, spacing and fonts positively shout from the pages.” 

“New authors frequently pitch the wrong agents for their literary genre.”

“I firmly believe that perspective, or point of view, is the NO. 1 style problem for most writers. There’s no wrong point of view, or even mixture of points of view, to write in, but be careful not to confuse the reader.” 

“Don’t give away your best stuff in the opening, of course, or there’s no reason to keep reading.”

“Sometimes you’ll write something you feel very strongly about emotionally, but it really adds little to the story.”

“If you think your work is perfect when you hand it in, you may be in for a rude awakening.”

“The wrong agent will waste your time and diminish your reputation.”

“Every successful writer has taken an idea out of his head and put it on paper. Allowing ideas to linger in your mind doesn’t make you a writer. Writing does.”

Have a great week of writing everyone!


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