Writing Gives Me Wings!

What makes a writer tick?

Warren Kieffer writes:

“If there were a recipe for creating an original, pleasurable, readable, saleable manuscript and getting the finished product sold and published, it might read something like this: one part idea, two parts talent, and three parts motivation seasoned with patience.”

A story starts with an idea. We all have ideas, but some of us have more than that. We have the incentive, the guts and determination to put our idea on paper. Whether we complete the task or not is something very personal. Maybe it’s the desire to see our name in print, or ego.

I can’t think of a better answer than to say that writing gives me wings. Yes writing gives me wings. It frees me of all cultural taboos. I have always had issues with the basic question of identity. Who am I, really? What is my role in this world? How many do I play or how many am I expected to play? What is my true religion? What is my social status? How do others perceive me? How do I perceive them? Questions that make me tick as a person.

And when I sit down to write I feel liberated! Because in my story I can choose to be any one of my characters. In my story I can  belong to any race. I can choose my religion. I can choose my gender, I can play with my age. I can have any profession I choose. I can be tall or short or thin or fat. I can be pretty or physically challenged. I can choose my cultural background and even have the education or the vocation that I had dreamed about my entire life and never had the chance to pursue. I can alter any characteristic and I still end up with a different person.

In my story, I can be the villain, or the hero, or the princess waiting to meet her prince. Or I can be the jealous lover, or have the most desirable career and be successful. Or I can find my soulmate and fall madly in love.

Writing gives me wings and I can fly with my ideas to a wonderland where no one is left heartbroken. A universe where none of my characters are sick or have cancer and die at a very young age. A universe where miracles happen.

Writing gives me wings to write from within my soul, to write what I know and what my heart desires!



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