“The Parallel To Auschwitz”

In some of my previous blogs, I mentioned that I have stopped writing about the latest atrocities committed against innocent civilians in different parts of the world. As I have stopped to watch, listen to, or talk about politics and the different political views people have. Since I find it too painful. 

But this month, this week, marks the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. As an Armenian and the descendent of grandparents who fought against the Turks, and also to my parents who were deprived of their homeland, becoming refugees at the early ages of eight and ten, I owe it to them and to myself to express my feelings and thoughts on this matter. And by doing so I join my voice to the voices of millions of fellow Armenians around the world and demand justice be done.  

For a hundred years we have protested to the world and marched the streets of cities everywhere so that our cause, the so-called “mass killings” of the Armenians in 1915 by the Turks where over one and half million Armenians were killed, be recognized as Genocide. And only last week did Pope Francis acknowledge the fact that “The First Genocide of the 20th Century was that of the Armenians.”  

Prior to that, Robert Fisk (the British journalist of international fame), in his book “The Great War For Civilisation” (published in 2005) has an entire chapter dedicated to the Armenian Genocide. His chapter, chapter Ten, is titled, The First Holocaust. He writes:

“For Margada and the Syrian desert around it- like thousands of villages in what was Turkish Armenia- are the Auschwitz of the Armenian people, the place of the world’s first, forgotten Holocaust.
The parallel to Auschwitz is no idle one. Turkey’s reign of terror against the Armenian people was an attempt to destroy the Armenian race. The Armenian death toll was almost a million and a half. While the Turks spoke publicly of the need to ‘resettle’ their Armenian population- as the Germans were to speak later of the Jews of Europe- the true intentions of the Turkish government were quite specific. On 15 September 1915, for example- and a carbon of this document exists- the Turkish interior minister, Talat Pasha, cabled an instruction to his prefect in Aleppo. ‘You have already been informed that the Government… has decided to destroy completely all the indicated persons living in Turkey… Their existence must be terminated however tragic the measures taken may be, and no regard must be paid to either age or sex, or to any scruples of conscience.
Was this not exactly what Himmler told his SS murderers in 1941?”


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