I Can’t Seem To Finish

I started reading a book last week only to stop somewhere halfway through and leave it on my desk. Every time I take it in my hands to continue reading I drop it back on the desk. Strange enough, it started very well. The beginning, the first page, was so interesting that it made me want to read it in the first place.

Twenty pages later the book was still interesting enough for me to continue. Her style is so captivating that I wanted to go on. But somewhere along the way the story completely changed and I lost my interest in it. The shift in the character was so unbelievable, at least for me. 

This has been an issue for me of late. I can’t seem to find a good book to read. By good I mean having all the right elements a story should have. The beginning, the middle and the end with round and believable characters. Rarely have I come across a story that has it all. It’s so sad because my library is full of books that I want to read and I can’t, even though I want to.


The problem with the book I mentioned earlier can be best explained perhaps by using Norman Cousins’ words. He writes:

“Too many current novels put situations ahead of people. It is felt, apparently, that characters exist for the purpose of accommodating a plot, thus minimizing the human potential and demonstrating the limitless possibilities of personal shrinkage. This is not the way to write good novels, much less great ones. There is nothing wrong with the audience; it is not true that people find the real world so dramatic that they can see no excitement in the product of the writer’s imagination. Give readers a book with people they care about and they will queue up to shake the author’s hand.”


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