Your Way Is Just As Right!

You have a passion to create art. (For me that passion is writing and my late husband’s was painting.) You are overwhelmed with everyday worries, with life. You don’t have time to finish your chores and tasks and obligations to sit at your desk and do what you like to do most, write.

Whether it is late at night or early morning before anyone else is awake, you sit at your desk, you stare at that blank page or at your computer screen and nothing, but nothing comes to mind. Nada! Zilch! 


You are only aware of time passing. Soon the sun will come out and soon everyone else in the family will awake. Now is your chance to write something. But you can’t. You get angry. You are frustrated. You don’t know what to do! The only thing that matters for you now is that you don’t want to let another day go by without you having written a word. What do you do? What can you do?

You remember Julia Cameron’s advice. To think of art as play. So you tell yourself to calm down and not to think of your writing as a task you have to do. But as a game you want to play. You take a deep breath and start your game. 

You take a trip down memory lane, to the attic of your memory, where all kinds of dark, stuffy corners hold carefully hidden away boxes containing wonderful stories. You carefully open a box. And out come these fragments- little pieces from your secret passions, your loves, your sorrows, your humiliations. And with these memories come ideas, amazing ideas for stories. And soon the words flow on the page and everything around you takes on a different meaning.

“We all write differently and we work differently and we live differently. I used to think when I had children that somebody else had the rule book and they hadn’t given it to me, and everybody else knew how to do it right except me. I find the same thing in writing: you think that everybody knows what they’re doing and that you don’t.

Your way is just as right as my way. You have to find what you want to write.” Danielle Steel


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