It Will Be Good That You Have Worked

Looking at today’s date this morning I realized that the last time I posted on my blog was on September 10. Eleven days have passed since my last post, the longest for me without posting since I started my blog. 

Lately I have been facing a few challenges on the personal front. Every time something happens I move one step away from my writing until I resolve the issue or at least try to take care of it. Every time I face a block I end up having all these feelings of pain and anger and sorrow bundled up inside me wanting to get out. All I want to do then is write about my problem of course and my feelings of despair. Yet every time I try to put words on paper this little voice inside of me tells me to stop. It tells me to stop whining, that people have their own pain and sorrow to deal with in this world.

And at times like this I try as best as I can to shun away negative thoughts and feelings that I harbor and unblock my creativity by reading. I found that the book that does this best for me time and time again is Brenda Ueland’s “If You Want To write.” She writes:

“Forgive me, but perhaps you should write again. I think there is something necessary and life-giving about ‘creative work’ (forgive the term). A state of excitement. And it is like a faucet: nothing comes unless you turn it on, and the more you turn it on, the more comes.
It is our nasty twentieth century materialism that makes us free: what is the use of writing, painting, etc., unless one has the audience or gets cash for it? Socrates and the Greeks decided that a man’s life should be devoted to ‘the tendance of the Soul’ (Soul included intelligence, imagination, spirit, understanding, personality) for the soul lived eternally, in all probability.
I think it is all right to work for money, to work to have things enjoyed by people, even very limited ones; but the mistake is to feel that the work, the effort, the search is not the important and the exciting thing.
And so now I have established reasons why you should work from now on until you die, with real love and imagination and intelligence, at your writing or whatever work it is that you care about. If you do that, out of the mountains that you write some mole hills will be published. But if nothing is ever published at all and you never make a cent, just the same it will be good that you have worked.”


Have a great week writing, painting, sculpting, or doing whatever work you care about.


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