Give Yourself The Gift Of Faith

Brenda Ueland writes:

“Everybody is talented because everybody who is human has something to express.” 

As the saying goes, everybody has a story to tell. Whether we do it on paper, on stage, on canvas, or through our voice, when given the chance we all have something to say, to express.

Creativity, nevertheless, requires faith. We have to believe, we have to have faith in none other than our self. Self-trust is one of the most important issues in writing. I say in writing because that’s what I can do (I wish I could do other things too). There are days when self-doubt kicks in, when I not only can’t write anything but I don’t even like the things I have already written. There are days when I try to talk myself out of it by saying things like, “What’s the point?” 


Each time I post an article, I get excited not only because I can’t wait to hear the comments of my fellow bloggers (for which I am so grateful) but also for the fact that I did something. I showed up at my laptop and wrote. The process gives me joy. But when the excitement passes I tell myself, “Ok you did it, then what?” 

But then again, what I remember most from my high school days is our talent shows. The excitement, the anxiety when we came together to put on a show, whether it was a drama, or a concert, or a dance. We all worked for nothing but fun, for that glorious inner excitement. It was hard work but there was no other pleasure or excitement like it and it was something never forgotten. It was the creative power working in us. 

Julia Cameron writes:

“Give yourself the gift of faith. Trust that you are on the right track. You are. You will come to experience a more comfortable faith in your creator and your creator within. You will learn that it is actually easier to write than not to write, paint than not paint. You will learn to enjoy the process of being a creative channel and to surrender to your need to control the result. You will discover the joy of practicing your creativity. The process, not the product, will become your focus.” 


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1 Response to Give Yourself The Gift Of Faith

  1. Raphael says:

    I love the way you describe faith. A whole new thinking. I always knew that faith in Christ Jesus was free to receive. How you use it is another story.
    Great Job!!

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