Ten Steps To Becoming A Writer

I’ve noticed lately that most of the articles or blogs being published online or in print are in the form of lists. Like ‘Five Things to Do to Lose Weight’ or ‘Eight Steps to Success’ and so on.

I remember for me it was the late Stephen Covey who first started this trend, with his ‘7 Habits of Highly Successful People’.

Here’s my first list edited from my July 2012 post.

Step 1: Start with an Idea.

Step 2: Draw out a Plan- theme, characters, plot.

Step 3: Read and Research (if necessary).

Step 4: Start Writing (actual writing process).

Step 5: Keep on Writing until you Finish the first draft.

Step 6: Put it Aside for a While and do Something Else.

Step 7: Get Back to your Draft and Start Cutting and Editing.

Step 8: Query Agents and Publishers.

Step 9: Don’t wait, Start a New Project.

Step 10: Read! Read! Read!


And remember to have fun!


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