Three Times In My Lifetime

In the book I am currently reading there is this question, “In a perfect world what would you like to be?”

I close the book and think. If the world is perfect do we really need to dream?

Our world is anything but perfect. Look around you. People terrorizing and killing people, committing atrocities against each other. How many innocent civilians have to die for the world to interfere and stop this madness?

There was a time not that long ago when I was living in Beirut during the civil war. Death and destruction were everywhere. People lived in constant fear. I lived in constant fear. I was afraid to lose my home, my loved ones, and my life. 

lost i

Many were the times then when I wished I was born in a different part of the world. Many were the times when I wished my parents and grandparents hadn’t been displaced. Sometimes I still wish that I can somehow play with and change the script of my life like I do with my stories. Sometimes I wish I can change the way I feel about things. Oh the things that I wish.

I personally do not believe in wars no matter what their cause. We are human beings and as such we have the ability to reason and communicate with each other. I strongly believe that all conflicts could be resolved with dialogue. As I strongly believe that no one wins in a war.

I am not an extremist nor am I fond of fanaticism in any religion, social or political belief. I believe that human beings must have the right to a free and dignified existence regardless of their religion or political beliefs, regardless of nationality. I do believe however, that change is necessary, but not at the cost of human lives. It is so disturbing to see people in some parts of the world go through the same thing over and over again. 

Three times in my lifetime I have changed cities and countries and even continents. Each time I have left behind family, friends, and loved ones as well as many possessions and belongings, with so much heartache and regret. Because I had to.
My heart aches when I think of how hard it was for me, for us to work and acquire all that we did, and then leave them behind and go through the same thing yet again, this time in another city, in another country.

My heart aches to see people killed and displaced. Homes destroyed beyond repair. My heart aches to witness children, teenagers, and innocent people lose their lives for reasons beyond my comprehension. My heart aches to see militias doing the unimaginable to women and young girls in the name of God or Allah. My heart aches to hear of children being abused and assaulted by people they trust most. There is no God who supports abuse, killing, rape and other atrocities. 

How can we live in this madness and be part of this world and sit still? 

Molière once wrote:
“It’s not only for what we do that we are held responsible, but also for what we don’t.”


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